Making a statement with colors and patterns

Nowadays, there is an infinite choice of colors, textures and patterns available for people who wants to make their home or office attractive and unique. Wallcoverings offer different options to suit every taste.

The wallpaper can influence the effect of the room with its colors and patterns and create a completely new feel to the room. With the right wallpaper, small rooms appear larger, while big rooms, can be made cozy.

It is easy to change the appearance of room dimensions with wallcoverings and create completely new looks for your rooms.
A low room looks higher if:

❖ You use a wallcovering with vertical stripes

❖ The ceiling is light colored or white

❖ A single color is used
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A small room looks wider if:

❖ Lighter colors are chosen

❖ One accent wall (without windows or doors) is decorated with a large pattern or a darker color

❖ Smaller patterns or plain wallcoverings are used
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A larger room looks cozier if:

❖ Darker, warm colors are chosen

❖ Large patterns are used to make a room seem smaller and more intimate

❖ Create tow-tone walls by installing wallpaper only part of the way up, tricking the eye into thinking the
ceilings are lower than they are
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Extra Tip: Wallpapering with a very striking pattern on a wall combined with a matching plain wallcovering on the other surfaces is also an eye-catching look.