Frequently Asked Questions


Do I really need to prime the wall before I wallpaper?

Yes, we do recommend priming the wall first. Priming is an important part of the wallpapering process. Primer makes an ideal and uniform surface for your wallpaper to stick to, and is also an important part of making the wallpaper removal process easier. Priming the wall properly will also help in the removal of the wallpaper when it’s time to update your room with a fresh new wallpaper.



What is the Dealer Entrance?

Dealer entrance means that it is an opportunity for us to partner with the local stores and businesses who wants to carry our wallpaper. Please contact us for more details.



What should I be thinking about before I order wallpaper?

A. How good are the walls? If the house is new or if the walls are perfect, a flat finish wallpaper will be alright, or a wallpaper with some shimmer will look great. If the walls are less than perfect, then look for a paper with an embossed texture.  For areas that have a lot of use (e.g. hallways), a very plain finish will show marks. We suggest a textured or patterned surface would be more suitable.

B. Do you want the same wallcovering throughout the whole house/office or personalize the rooms? We have more than 300 designs to choose from. You can express your creativity by choosing to wallpaper your entire house/office for a more elegant feel, or just wallpaper a particular room or space that you want to highlight.



What is the coverage and size of each roll?

Each roll is 53 cm width and 10 m length. Each roll can cover an area of 5.3 sq.m (57 sq.ft). Our wallpaper calculator can help you in estimating how many rolls of wallpaper you will need for your project.

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Why doesn’t the color on the website exactly match the color of the product?

We strive to make sure the colors shown online are as close as possible to the finished product, however it is not always possible to get an exact color match. Deviations in color can sometimes occur during the photography process or due to variances in computer screen display settings. We advise customers to see the product in person or request for a sample catalogue (where possible).



How can we see other designs that are not posted in your website?

You can visit us in our office or we can send you a sample catalogue anywhere in the Philippines with minimal deposit fee which will be refunded back to you once you return the sample catalogue back to us. Shipping fees must be shouldered by the customer if a courier or trucking service is needed. Please contact us for more details and we will gladly assist you if you have any questions.



Do you have wallpaper installers or do services such as measurement or estimation?

We do not have in-house installers but we can recommend installers if the customer is asking for a referral. We can recommend installers to do the measurement or estimation. Transportation fee and other miscellaneous expenses must be shouldered by the customer. Any agreement in the installation cost/labor fee is solely between the installer and the buyer.